Pre-Lab Qs - Experiment 3

Pre-Lab Qs - Experiment 3 - textbook to answer this...

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Name:___________________________ Section _______ Experiment 3 – Purification by Crystallization Pre-lab Questions Read Experiment 3, pages 17-24, in your laboratory manual. After reading the experiment, answer the questions below. Questions are due at the beginning of your laboratory period. 1. You are given an aqueous solution containing both KAl(SO 4 ) 2 (Alum) and Cu(NO3) 2 . What is the solvent? (1 point) 2. The two most common methods of purification are crystallization and distillation. Identify which physical property each of these methods takes advantage of. (You may have to use your
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Unformatted text preview: textbook to answer this question.) (2 pts) a. Crystallization b. Distillation 3. What does it mean if a solution is saturated? Unsaturated? (2 pts) a. Saturated b. Unsaturated 2 4. How can you experimentally determine if a solution is saturated or unsaturated? (1 pt) 5. If solubility of Alum at the temperature of crystallization and filtration is 20.0 g / 100.0 mL, how much Alum remains in solution if 45.0 mL of saturated filtrate is recovered? (Remember to show your steps, and use correct # significant figures & unit in your answer.) (4 points)...
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Pre-Lab Qs - Experiment 3 - textbook to answer this...

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