Exp 2-10809 - The experiment conducted dealt with another...

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The experiment conducted dealt with another form of separation called liquid-liquid extraction, of a one to one to one mixture of 2-naphthol, naphthalene, and benzoic acid. The mixture was then dissolved in diethyl ether and added to seperatory funnel along with 10 ml of sodium bicarbonate. The funneled was then supposed to be inverted and shaken from side to side. The purpose of the funnel was to increase the surface area collisions between the extracting agent sodium bicarbonate and the mixture as well as make the separate layers yet to be formed within the funnel distinguishable. This speeds up the reaction between the benzoic acid and the sodium bicarbonate causing the formation of the conjugate base benzoate in the form of sodium benzoate. The funnel must be vented numerously due to the pressure build up caused by the formation of carbon dioxide within the funnel. The funnel needed to be vented or else the pressure build up might have caused the contents burst out of the funnel. One must be wary of shaking the funnel too violently due to possibilities of emulsions forming, which would make the separation much more difficult. The venting of the carbon dioxide makes sound similar to the sound made when opening a bottle of soda such a sound represents the carbon dioxide gas venting and when that sound subsides; it is assumed that the gas has no longer been formed when the funnel was last shaken. This signifies a rough completion of the extraction as two layers should be visible within the seperatory funnel. The aqueous layer is the “Bicarbonate Extract” containing the sodium benzoate which
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Exp 2-10809 - The experiment conducted dealt with another...

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