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9_30_09 histology 3

9_30_09 histology 3 - -Exocrine maintains contact with...

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Name ______________________________ Part 3 25. Describe each type of membrane junction. -impossible for things to pass between cells -Holds cells together - Allows things to pass through cells Histology
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26. _______gap _ junctions provide a pore through which substances can pass from one cell’s cytoplasm to the next; _____tight__ junctions completely encircles each cell to prevent substances from passing through much like a zipper or six pack of soda plastic; ________desmosome____ junctions keep cells from pulling apart much like a snap and they do not hinder substances from passing between cells. 27. What is the disorder that causes our antibodies to loose the ability to distinguish our own cells from foreign ones, causing attacks on the proteins of the desmosomes in the skin and mucous membranes? 28. What is the difference between endocrine and exocrine glands?
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Unformatted text preview: -Exocrine: maintains contact with surface by way of duct-Endocrine: doesn’t maintain contact with surface has not ducts 29. Axillary and mammary glands are what type of gland? -Apocrine glands 30. _______serous glands____ produce thin, watery fluids like perspiration, milk, tears, and digestive juices. 31. ______hyperplasia_____________ tissue growth occurs through cell multiplication, whereas ______hypertroph_____tissue growth occurs from exercising preexisting cells. 32. __________atrophy_________ is the shrinkage of a tissue, whereas __________necrosis_________ is the premature, pathological death of a tissue due to trauma, toxins and infections. 33. Mr. Johnson cardiac tissues have suddenly begun to die because the blood supply was hindered. What is the medical term for what he is experiencing? -Infarction...
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9_30_09 histology 3 - -Exocrine maintains contact with...

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