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MKT 410 - 8 - • Schedule Presentation • Strategy...

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9/16/09 Lecture 8 When you are running late Call ahead of time if possible Leave an email Principality of Likeability Looks 55% Sounds 38% Content 7% The Pitch Process Prospecting o Try to get referrals Cold call Advertise o Be in an environment where prospects are (Target Rich Environment) - Network The business the prospect is in Their brand values Potential of that client and what you can gain out of that field Figure out whether they have a need for you How’s the competition is doing Are they geographically in the right place
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o RFP (Request for Proposal) Invitation to suppliers (sent to all most qualified competitors) Suppliers then send out a written proposal Not all suppliers send them out since the price is below what some are willing to receive. Creating a proposal also takes a lot of time & costs can be up to $50,000 Some suppliers are invited
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Unformatted text preview: • Schedule Presentation • Strategy Meeting 1 o Goal is to avoid embarrassment o Decide who speaks • Strategy Meeting 2 o Determine Objectives: Inform Persuade • Rehearsal o Initial rehearsals can be done sitting down o Afterwards they should be done standing up • Dress Rehearsal (1-2) o Set up the room as you think the client will set them up o Set up visuals o Have people role play the clients Ask tough questions • Presentation • Audience Debrief o Schedule: during Pitch Questionnaire We are always trying to improve the quality of our presentation would you be willing to give feedback? Best to this in person but if not possible do it over the phone o Best to have people you just talked to give feedback o Ask questions regarding low marks • Team Debrief o Address issues • Train • Coach • Schedule next presentationrf...
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MKT 410 - 8 - • Schedule Presentation • Strategy...

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