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Lecture 5 - 9/22/09 Lecture 5 Structure of Industry Three...

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9/22/09 Lecture 5 Structure of Industry Three industrial stages 1. Production “manufacturing” 2. Distribution “wholesale or sales” 3. Exhibition “retail” Film Making 1. 2. Pre-production “prep” 3. Production “principle photography or shooting” 4. Post-production “movies are made in post” *Last week Producer Thinks of the idea so has the ability to have the best possible credit Has the best possible approvals (in independent realm) o However, in a studio system producer could have less power o In Star Trek all the money is controlled by the studio – Paramount is acting like the distributor for the right to license the movie “Bad Robot” offers JJ Abrams – most talent who make a name for themselves create their own company o “completion guarantor” – company guarantees delivering a movie at a specific budget and a quality to a distributor Dan Mindel – (DP) Director of Photography aka Cinematographer Camera Department and key hires The movie business is in transition – Mindel works the old way o New way is based on digital photography which is different compared to organic photography
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o Therefore, there are a few more people involved and people have gone o Main new person is DIT – Digital Intermediate Technician He sits in a tent with computers and monitors Controls image from digital camera “retro step” because you are tethered to a guy o Digital cameras are tied umbilicaly to something But that should be changing and there are no rules right now o They have a head of department – Mindel has four department under him Writing, grip, art department, prop (?) They channel all the aesthetics through the camera Grip department have become the people who control the green screen “sub tier of the camera department” o If you visit a set like Star Trek you will see vast set ups of green screens o Define work of camera operator The guy who looks through the camera and steers it – follows the action – with
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Lecture 5 - 9/22/09 Lecture 5 Structure of Industry Three...

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