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Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 Three major Guilds 1 WGA 2 DGA 3 SAG...

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10/06/09 Lecture 7 Three major Guilds 1. WGA 2. DGA 3. SAG Guest Speaker – JJ Abrams What led you to make a commitment to Star Trek? Asked to be involved in producing Star Trek at first, and he wasn’t a fan of Star Trek. After working with other people he realized it was exciting and after checking out the script he decided to direct it. Jumping into something that isn’t his usual “cup of tea” made the task exciting. What was it like dealing with the studio mechanism? Someone has always gotten fired during a TV or film project. On MI3 JJ knew why he was on the movie, and was protected because of what Tom wanted. Tom let everyone do what they wanted even though he was a producer in a sense. As producers of the movie there were significant budget issues before filming began. Having started in Television JJ knew some creative things to do to bring down budget. Studio was very supportive. Needed to expand a sequence (explained why) and they okayed. Movie in script form Unclear what everything out there is. For instance, an establishing shot of a building doesn’t work. It needed to be a planet. Also, the scale was so crazy which JJ found the most difficult (how do you connect the people to the experience). Wanted to make sure he didn’t get to close up. In terms of early decision you have been clear that things are constantly analytical since you’re coming up with a new world. Now this then needs to be applied in terms of set pieces, budget. Was there any order of the schedule that you would be more insistent on because of sets? It’s based on practicality, for example the bridge was finished first before set X.
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Lecture 7 - Lecture 7 Three major Guilds 1 WGA 2 DGA 3 SAG...

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