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318 CHAPTER 3. EFFECTS OF GRAVITY ON PRESSURE 3.62 Chapter 3, Problem 62 Figure 3.47: Dam with linear sections. The projection of the dam onto a vertical plane is a rectangle of height 3 h and width 8 h . So, the centroid, area and moment of inertia are z = 3 2 h, A =24 h 2 ,I = 1 12 (8 h )(3 h ) 3 =18 h 4 Thus, the horizontal component of the force on the dam is F x = ρ g zA = ρ g w 3 2 h W p 24 h 2 Q =36 ρ gh 3 Turning to the vertical component, the cross-sectional area of the fluid above the dam in the xz plane consists of the following segments: A rectangle of width 5 2 h and height h ; A parallelogram with height h and bases of
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