Exp5 - Exp#5 Op-Amps 33 Exp#5 Measurements Of The LM741...

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33 Exp#5: Op-Amps
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34 Exp#5: Measurements Of The LM741 Amplitude Response 1. Objective The op-amp is a general purpose instrument that finds application in many practical electronic circuits. The LM741 is a very common implementation and has properties that are quite characteristic of many of these devices. The response can be modeled as that of a linear, 1 st order system, just like in class. Here we can make an experimental investigation of these properties, which can be compared with simulated op-amp circuits. 2. Experimental procedure The instructions will be general in parts, because familiarity with the concepts and procedures of first order systems measurement will be assumed. Your mission then, is to measure the amplitude response curve of the LM741 (in real life one would also measure the phase response, but we'll simplify a little), and estimate a cutoff frequency as accurately as possible. The test will then be repeated in MultiSim , and both sets of results can be compared with the published technical specifications. 2.1 Initial setup Select input and feedback resistors ( R i & R f ) as noted at class time, measure their values, and predict the op-amp gain, G . Do this very carefully, measure uncertainties, and calculate Δ G , using the techniques we have used before to get correct expressions for quantities such G Δ in terms of Δ R 1 and Δ R 2 . Now wire up the op-amp on the breadboard. The LM741 comes in a Dual- In-Line (DIL) configuration, and you must take care to correctly identify the pins (from above, notch up) and provide the required connections. This includes ± 15V power supply. Get your circuit checked before applying power to the circuit. To test the circuit, generate a 0.5V amplitude sine wave from the waveform generator. Do this at
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Exp5 - Exp#5 Op-Amps 33 Exp#5 Measurements Of The LM741...

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