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8 mbps followed by sweden at 128 mbps and the

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Unformatted text preview: average upload speed," the report said. (Yahoo! Tech) Units of measure Quiz Fill in the blanks inches/ft ft/yd yds/ mile inches/mile oz/lb lb/ton oz/ton 12 3 1760 ?? 16 2240 ?? mm/cm cm/m m/km mm/km g/kg kg/tonne g/tonne 10 100 1000 106 1000 1000 106 Unit of measure What is different? 341 will use metric system only. (SI, mks) However, note: Arbitrary relationship between scales Incomprehensible to rest of the world Discord with any counting system (2, 5, 10,...) Conclusion: Old English units exist so deal with it when necessary. What is the speed limit in m/s? If I'm traveling at 62 m/s, is this fast?...
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