Method is quite odd and counterintuitive in that it

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Unformatted text preview: human units operate, most of the time (inductive inference, associative memory, ...) It is entirely independent of any particular set of facts, laws or results. So what? Does it work or not? Yes, it does. It is the basis of the art of engineering. This course concerns how to practice scientific observations and measurements (#1 of the method). Typically: quantitative estimates of physical phenomena under controlled conditions. What are the chances? Can a roomful of monkeys re produce Hamlet using an old school typewriter? Setting up the problem # of monkeys: 1 # of keys on a typewriter: 50 # of characters in Hamlet: 1.5 x 105 So ... p(character) = 1/50 5 (1.5 x 105) p(1.5 x 10 characters) = 1/(50 ) # of particles in universe = 1082 (1.5 x 105) 50 >> 1082 p(Hamlet . monkey) = 0 The moral of this story is ... Reasonablesounding stories may appear less so when carefully quantified. All things are not possible. Improbable events can occur. What is a number? (material from Pi in the Sky, John Barrow) Bri...
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