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Lecture1 - Mechoptronics Yann D Staelens Ph.D Monday August...

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Unformatted text preview: Mechoptronics Yann D. Staelens, Ph.D. Monday, August 24th 2009 AME 341a Lecture Outline for 24 Aug `09 Introduction What is Mechoptronics? Some practical information Grading policy How we spend your Lab fee Code of conduct A Little Bit About Me BS '02 in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Brussels, Belgium. 2001 2002 Research on Wind Energy at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, Canada. MS '03 in Aerospace Engineering from USC. Ph.D. '07 in Aerospace Engineering from USC. Employed at USC as parttime lecturer since 2008. BlendedWingBody (BWB) Contact Information Yann D. Staelens, Ph.D. Office: BHE 317 Phone: 2137407754 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Mon 1011:30AM Tue 10:3011:30AM Wed 1011:30AM by appointment What is Mechoptronics? Mechanical Optical Electronics Engineering methods for AE and ME majors Integration of techniques reflects advances and practice in modern engineering Huge demand in the industry More than that ... How to be a scientist/engineer. How to quantify the physical universe. How to communicate results: Written reports Talks Spreadsheet presentations What's that? Even more than that ... Rigor Rising to the challenge Responsibility Week 1 Date 24-Aug 26-Aug 28-Aug Lecture (1) What is science? (2) Error analysis I (3) Error analysis II (4) Error analysis III Schedule Lab (0) Introduction to lab (BHE 301, 2pm) (0) Welcome & Introduction 2 31-Aug 2-Sep 4-Sep (1) Physical measurements (5) Elements of electronics LABOR DAY (6) Linear circuits I (7) Linear circuits II (8) Phasors and complex exponentials (9) How to write a report (10) 1st order systems I - principles NO LECTURE (11) 1st order systems II - practical examples (12) Op-amps - steady state (13) Op-amps - frequency response (14) Quiz preview (15) Discussion session [optional] HW3.5 due (4) Transfer func. of 1st order sys. HW4 due (5) Properties of Op-Amps HW1 due (2) Real and virtual instruments HW2 due (3) Linear circuits (3.5) Excel & The Engineer NO LAB 3 4 5 6 7-Sep 9-Sep 14-Sep 16-Sep 21-Sep 23-Sep 28-Sep 30-Sep 7 8 5-Oct 7-Oct 12-Oct 14-Oct Schedule Week 9 Date 19-Oct 21-Oct 23-Oct 10 11 26-Oct 28-Oct 2-Nov 4-Nov 12 9-Nov 11-Nov 13 16-Nov 18-Nov 14 15 23-Nov 25-Nov 30-Nov 2-Dec Quiz #1 (16) Digital circuits I - how to build a computer (17) Digital circuits II - analog-digital converters (18) Digital circuits III - analysis of discrete signals ~~ (19) Reports on reports (20) Acoustics I - the wave equation (21) Acoustics II - plane waves (22) Acoustics III - production & measurement of pressure waves ~~ (23) How to write a report II & Word/Excel data analysis (24) Quiz preview NO LECTURE (25) Course summary/Discussion session Quiz #2 (8) Making noise -- acoustic waves NO LAB THANKSGIVING R8 due CLASSES END R5 due (6) Digital circuits HW6 due (7) Analysis of discrete time series R7 due Lecture Lab Review outline for R5 Course Materials Lecture notes Lab notes Lab notebook (no loose pages!!) Web Pages http://blackboard.usc.edu/ Memory stick Textbooks (optional) Brain Alciatore DG & Histand MB 2007 Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems. McGrawHill. ISBN 0072963050 Figliola RS & Beasley DE 2006 Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements. Wiley. ISBN 0471445932 Grading 1 Title Weight % Blocks 0.2 2.96 2 3.5 4 5 6 7 8 Q2 LP Lab perf. 1.68 24.85 6.76 100.00 TOTAL Dscope Plotting 1st Order Schmitt Spectral Acoustic Op-Amps Quizzes Vscope Functions Systems Triggers Analysis Waves 0.2 2.96 0.25 3.70 0.75 11.09 1 14.79 0.25 3.70 0.75 11.09 1 14.79 0.68 10.06 M = * ij xij - xi i Mj = wi M ij i M j < -0.5 C +, C , C -, etc. - 0.5 M j < 0.5 B -, B, B + M j 0.5 A-, A Mj > 0 is good wi i for ith assignment Cumulative magic and jth student number for Jstude Grading M(total) Distribution 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 M_total 0.0 Jstude Individual M(total) M(total) Average -0.5 -1.0 -1.5 -2.0 JStude How to get an A ? Miscellaneous assignments Reports TQ Lab performance % of grade 25 40 10 25 How to get an F ? Guaranteed techniques Miss the deadlines (10%/day work, 1 week) Do not hand in reports (there are 3) Ignore Web pages and ignore lecture Read the DT during class Know it all in advance Parasite your lab partner Handy hints and tips How to get an F ? Tried and tested Develop mystery illness for 3 months. Forget to show up for the quizzes (there are 2). Goof off for the first 2/3 of semester, then wake up and attempt to change your horrible grades with special pleading. Show up late to every single lab. Copy stuff this is cheating! http://www.usc.edu/studentaffairs/SJACS/ Rules for Success Come to class Check Web pages, keep in contact Use resources available to you Office hours TA's Engage brain DO NOT DRIFT !!! How we spend your Lab Fee 3% 8% 16% Mechoptronics Fall '07 - Spring '08 12% Computer 3D printer 3D scanner 6% Special labs Lab handouts M&S 10% 45% Software Code of Conduct in Lecture Arrive on time Pay attention No talking Questions are good Cell phones off Code of Conduct in Lab Arrive on time Pay attention Talking is good maybe Questions are good Cell phones off Come prepared Read handouts Think about what you will be doing during the afternoon What now? Get lecture and lab manual. Buy lab book from bookstore. Login to Web pages http://blackboard.usc.edu Come to BHE at 9AM or 2PM on lab day. Next lecture, Wednesday August 26th. ...
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