Lab Rules Fall 08

Lab Rules Fall 08 - Computer Usage & Printing...

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General Lab Rules 1
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Time Management Lab hours are from 2pm till 5pm with a 30min extension if needed. Doors will close at 5:30pm. Always come to lab on time. Penalties will be applied to lab performance score if late for any lab. Always turn in your assignments on time. 10% penalties per day will be applied to each assignment score if late; No assignment will be accepted if late for more than 7 days . Coming prepared to the lab is essential to finish on time (study lecture notes and lab notes). Concentrate during lab hours; turn your cell phone off when in the lab. Space Management Leave your personal belongings (backpack, skateboards, etc.) in the presentation room. Keep the lab clean. No food or drinks in the lab area (OK in presentation room). Library usage: share all library books; do not take any books away from the lab. At the end of each lab put the lab equipment (cables, beakers, measuring devices, etc.) back to where it was before you started.
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Unformatted text preview: Computer Usage & Printing Rules Login name: JStude Password: AMElab Do not customize the desktop. Save your files only in the following directory D:\home\JStude. Files in other locations will be deleted. Save your work first on the HD before transferring the files to your USB key to prevent any loss of useful data. There is no internet connection available on the computers but they are connected to each other through the labs network. Print only lab related papers not lecture notes of other classes or internet material. When done log off and turn the monitor off. Miscellaneous Switch lab partner for each lab. No repeated lab partners allowed in one semester. Lab notebook needs to be signed by a staff member at the end of each lab. Academic Integrity Do your own work for all the assignments. Do not copy-paste any material from your classmates, former students or internet. No plagiarism will be tolerated . 2...
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Lab Rules Fall 08 - Computer Usage & Printing...

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