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Unformatted text preview: Mechoptronics AME 341a Lab Week 1 Date 24-Aug 26-Aug 28-Aug Lecture (1) What is science? (2) Error analysis I (3) Error analysis II (4) Error analysis III Schedule Lab (0) Introduction to lab (BHE 301, 2pm) (0) Welcome & Introduction 2 31-Aug 2-Sep 4-Sep (1) Physical measurements (5) Elements of electronics LABOR DAY (6) Linear circuits I (7) Linear circuits II (8) Phasors and complex exponentials (9) How to write a report (10) 1st order systems I - principles NO LECTURE (11) 1st order systems II - practical examples (12) Op-amps - steady state (13) Op-amps - frequency response (14) Quiz preview (15) Discussion session [optional] HW3.5 due (4) Transfer func. of 1st order sys. HW4 due (5) Properties of Op-Amps HW1 due (2) Real and virtual instruments HW2 due (3) Linear circuits (3.5) Excel & The Engineer NO LAB 3 4 5 6 7-Sep 9-Sep 14-Sep 16-Sep 21-Sep 23-Sep 28-Sep 30-Sep 7 8 5-Oct 7-Oct 12-Oct 14-Oct Schedule Week 9 Date 19-Oct 21-Oct 23-Oct 10 11 26-Oct 28-Oct 2-Nov 4-Nov 12 9-Nov 11-Nov 13 16-Nov 18-Nov 14 15 23-Nov 25-Nov 30-Nov 2-Dec Quiz #1 (16) Digital circuits I - how to build a computer (17) Digital circuits II - analog-digital converters (18) Digital circuits III - analysis of discrete signals ~~ (19) Reports on reports (20) Acoustics I - the wave equation (21) Acoustics II - plane waves (22) Acoustics III - production & measurement of pressure waves ~~ (23) How to write a report II & Word/Excel data analysis (24) Quiz preview NO LECTURE (25) Course summary/Discussion session Quiz #2 (8) Making noise -- acoustic waves NO LAB THANKSGIVING R8 due CLASSES END R5 due (6) Digital circuits HW6 due (7) Analysis of discrete time series R7 due Lecture Lab Review outline for R5 Lab Rules Time Management Lab hours are from 2pm till 5pm with a 30 min extension if needed. Doors will close at 5:30pm. Always come to lab on time. Penalties will be applied to lab performance score if late for any lab. Always turn in your assignments on time. 10% penalties per day will be applied to each assignment score if late. No assignment will be accepted if late for more than 7 days. Coming prepared to the lab is essential to finish on time (study lecture notes and lab notes). Concentrate during lab hours; turn cell phone off when in the lab. Lab Rules Space Management Leave your personal belongings (backpack, skateboards, et.) in the presentation room. Keep the lab clean. No food or drinks in the lab area (OK in presentation room). Library usage Share all library books. Do not take any books away from the lab. At the end of each lab put the lab equipment (cables, beakers, measuring devices, etc.) back to where it was before you started. Lab Rules Computer Usage & Printing Rules Login name: JStude Password: AMElab Do not customize the desktop. Save your files only in the directory D:\home\Jstude. No internet connection available on the computers (except Mo1) but they are connected to each other through the lab's local network. Print only lab related papers not lectures notes of other classes or internet material. When done log off and turn monitor off. Lab Rules Miscellaneous Academic Integrity Switch lab partner for each lab. No repeated lab partners allowed in one semester. Lab notebook needs to be signed by a staff member at the end of each lab before you can leave. Do your own work for all assignments. Do not copypaste any material from your classmates, former students or internet. No plagiarism will be tolerated and it will be an automatic F for the assignment!!! Grading Miscellaneous assignments Reports TQ Lab performance % of grade 25 40 10 25 Grading Lab performance Is 25% of total grade!!!! during afternoon of lab. 15% for quiz (oral questions) before each lab. 10% for time management and performance What now? Get your memory stick and name tags. Log in on computer and copy the directory "D:\home\AME341 memory stick" to your memory stick. Next lab next week. Questions ? ...
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