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Smear Preparation – The traditional methods Procedure: To be used when preparing a smear from a liquid/broth culture . 1. Using a wax marking pencil, make a ½" circle on a clean microscope slide. The smear will be placed within the circled area. Write the initials of the organism to be stained at one end of the slide. 2. Obtain the tube with the broth culture. You will use your inoculating loop to transfer this culture to the slide, but it must be done aseptically (Refer to "Aseptic technique" for an illustration). 3. After the loop has cooled, you are ready to go into the broth tube. This must also be done aseptically (Refer to "Aseptic technique" for an illustration). Remove the cap of the tube with the ring and little fingers of the hand holding the loop. Be sure to flame (quickly…do not leave in flame) the neck of the tube both before and after placing the loop into the tube. Always hold the tube at an angle to prevent contaminants from the air from entering the tube. Replace the lid on the tube after removing the loop. 4. Place the loopful of the organism on the top side of the microscope slide and within the circle and spread the
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