1-22-08 Roman House

1-22-08 Roman House - ROMAN HOUSE Taberna Shops Vestibulum...

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ROMAN HOUSE - Taberna: Shops - Vestibulum: Entryway - Atrium: Living Room - Impluvium: For rainwater - Cubiculum: Bedroom - Ala: Free space - Culina: Kitchen - Tablinium: Office - Triclinium: Dining room - Peristyle: Pillars with garden - Exedra: Private Lounge - Houses were on one or two stories. - The house was designed to keep street life out. - Romans also had need of impeding theft. - Light came in mainly through the atrium and peristyle. - Posticulum: Rare second entrance - Some houses had private bathrooms. - Some houses had outdoor pools. - Cave Canum: Beware of dog (dogs were domesticated by Romans, but not cats) - Vestibulum: The part before the door - Fauces, or the throat: The part after the door - The doorway: Elevated from street or sidewalk by a few steps. - Atrium: Center of the house. Usually most lavishly decorated part of the house. Contained the lararium, or small chapel for household gods. The lararium was the chapel to the laria, or household gods. -
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