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Studying statistics-1

Studying statistics-1 - the trends Know the locations in...

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BICD 136 How to study the statistics Numbers you must actually know: Number of persons currently HIV infected in U.S. 1,100,000 Number of new infections per year in U.S. 56,000 Number of persons currently living with AIDS in U.S. (approximately) 450,000 Approximately how many are dying per year now in U.S. ~15,000 Number of persons currently HIV infected worldwide 33 million Number of new infections per year worldwide ~2.5 million Number of deaths per year worldwide 2.2 million Cumulative number of infections worldwide since the beginning Cumulative number of deaths worldwide since the beginning 25 million As for the other numbers, you do not have to memorize them; however, you should understand
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Unformatted text preview: the trends . Know the locations in the U.S. with high cumulative AIDS cases and incidences . • New York, California, Florida and Texas have largest cumulative infections Know where the highest prevalence , total number of infections , and incidence of AIDS are in the world. • Prevalence: South Africa, Nigeria, India • Total Number of Infections (% of global total): Sub-Saharan Africa, South/South East Asia, Eastern Europe/ Central Asia • Incidence: Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia You do not have to remember the exact percentage break-downs , but if I give you pie charts to label, you should be able to figure out which groups go into which slices....
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