Summer 2009 Syllabus Tent Sched Sec 1262

Summer 2009 Syllabus Tent Sched Sec 1262 - English 1 Summer...

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English 1 – Summer 2009 Section 1262 Instructor: Susan Caggiano Office Hours : by appointment Office : TBA : M-TH Bundy 212 8:00-10:05 AM Emai l: (best way to reach me) Required Texts and Materials: The Brief Bedford Reader , 10 th Edition, ed. Kennedy, Kennedy and Aaron ( BBR) A Writer’s Reference , 6 th Edition, ed. Diana Hacker (WR) Nineteen Eighty-Four , Centennial Edition, George Orwell, May 2003 Two pocket folder to hold all of your work; DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY ! You will need it for your portfolio. Two blue books required: BRING TO SECOND CLASS MEETING Disc or drive media to store your work Email account and internet access Notebook for your journal Strongly recommended: A college thesaurus and a college dictionary. Course Description/Objectives: This course is designed to help you improve your writing skills in order to prepare you for the type of reading and writing that you will need for your college career. You will explore ideas, convey information and think critically about the ideas found in the readings we examine over the course of the semester. This class is meant to help you use logical reasoning to formulate arguments that are convincing using adequate factual support, and adopt a thoughtful position on substantive topics. You will also develop skills in organizing an essay, developing a logical thesis, and expressing your ideas clearly by choosing appropriate language and adopting an appropriate tone for academic writing. Beyond this, this class will also assist you in developing a degree of grace and style, which will make your writing interesting and readable. Course Requirements/ Grading: One Diagnostic Essay (usually during 2 nd class meeting) Three Formal essays: 4-6 pages in length; all essays will be in response to specific prompts, reading and discussions in class. You will be submitting drafts of these papers before you submit the final polished essay and are required to submit all drafts with your final version in a packet. One Final/Research Paper: A formal argumentative research paper (2000-3000 words, or 8-12 pages of text) will be based on reference sources and is due on the last day we meet. The essay topic will be assigned or pre-approved. It must use a minimum of ten (10) secondary sources (portions of books and articles) to support your argument. At least five (5) sources must be from printed works; others may be from electronic sources (CD ROM, Internet, and films). I may ask to see samples of bibliography cards, note cards, formal outlines, and Works Cited pages through the second half of the semester. All early drafts and note cards must be turned in with the final essay. Journals: You will keep a journal that analytically responds to passages in material assigned. These entries should be written on 8 ½” x 11” lined, loose-leaf paper and kept in a two-pocket folder (see Portfolios, below). These will be handed in and will sometimes serve as the basis of class discussions, or 1
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will respond to a question asked at the beginning of class.
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Summer 2009 Syllabus Tent Sched Sec 1262 - English 1 Summer...

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