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1 Practice Self Evaluation #1 (Chem113A W’07, Fri. 02/02/07 5:00-7:00pm, 100+5pts, max=100pts) Name: ____ By writing down my name, I confirm that I strictly obey the academic ethic code when taking this exam. Tips: (i) This practice SE#1 is to communicate with you accurately the format and expectation of the real SE#1, and to highlight the important topics in the SE#1’s coverage. The questions in the real SE#1, of course, will be different. (ii) Five questions. Please budget your time. You may want to start with the parts you are more familiar with. (iii) In the real Self Evaluation #1, there will be one extra credit question, but the total score is capped by 100 points. (iv) Formula sheets are attached at the end. It’s important to show calculation or algebraic details. (v) Coverage: shown below. Questions [3] and [4] will be graded and are parts of Problem Set #3. (vi) Review section and other resources to help you with SE#1 will be announced in class. (vii) The end-of-chapter exercises and in-chapter examples from textbook (Engel) will weigh 30-35 points in SE#1. (viii) Academic ethics need to be strictly obeyed. No exceptions and no kidding. [1] The downfall of classical mechanics (a) Photoelectric effect. Photoelectric effect shows that waves (e.g., light) exhibit particle property.
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2 (b) Electron diffraction. On the other hand, electron diffraction shows that particles (e.g., electrons) exhibit wave property. (c) Quantization of angular momentum. In order to explain the spectrum of H-atom, Bohr bravely proposed that there exist small packets of energy (see the formula on stamp) and that angular momentum is quantized: l = mvr = n ħ . Please derive his 2 nd assumption, quantization of angular momentum, by de Broglie matter wave. Please show algebraic details.
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