PS_7_Chem113A_W08 - 1 Problem Set#7(Chem113A W08 due Thu at...

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1 Problem Set #7 (Chem113A W’08, due Thu. 3/6/08 at 11:05am, 100 points, max=100 points, 7 questions) Attendance record . I am [ ] present at or [ ] absent from this class meeting (see date and time above). Name: ________________________ Forming study groups is permissible, but you must construct your solutions independently. By writing down my name, I confirm that I strictly obey the academic ethic code when doing this Problem Set and my statement on attendance (above) is correct. Please write down the names of everyone who you worked with on this Problem Set in the space before your name. (i) Seven questions, one for each day. Studies show that the learning process can be more effective and enjoyable if one starts reviewing the material soon after class and does the exercises on a daily basis. (ii) Please write out algebraic details and arguments. If you use math formulas or literature values, please cite your source(s). (iii) Please include these 3 pages as the cover sheet for your solutions. Thanks. (iv) If you have difficulties/questions, please find resources and assistance ASAP. (v) Academic ethics need to be strictly obeyed. No exceptions! Please refer to the syllabus. A. Basic Material (Textbook) [1] Preview #21 (due 2/25/08 Mon.) [2] Preview #22 (due 2/27/08 Wed.) [3] Preview #23 (due 2/29/08 Fri.) [4] Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (20pts) Shown above is the conversation between Werner Heisenberg (NOT James Bond—“shaken, not stirred”) and Neils Bohr in the movie “Copenhagen”. Heisenberg used the example of the electron in the H-atom (Bohr’s favorite) to explain to Bohr the concept of the Uncertainty Principle that he proposed.
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2 [4](a) Please sketch a diagram for the interaction between the photon (Heisenberg) and the electron (Bohr) to explain Frame #5 (order: top Æ down and then left Æ right) “he’s been slowed down, he’s been deflected” and Frame #6 “You also have been deflected”. [4](b) Please explain
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PS_7_Chem113A_W08 - 1 Problem Set#7(Chem113A W08 due Thu at...

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