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1 Chemistry 172/273 Test 01 - Solutions April 9, 2008 Spring 2008 1 . Illustrate graphically the conventional shapes and phases of the five d orbitals on the axes below. Be sure to label the axes appropriately and indicate the common name for each d orbital in the box below its picture. An example is shown for the p y orbital. If your drawing is sloppy or unclear, you will receive no credit. z y x z y x z x y x y z x y z 2 z d d yz d xz d xy 2 2 y x d 2 . Give Lewis dot structures and sketch the shape of the following: a. SOCl 2 S O Cl O S S.N.=4 2 Cl atoms 1 O atom 1 lone Pair Distorted Trigonal Pyramid b. ClOF 4 - F F F F O F F F F O F F F O F S.N.=6 1 Lone Pair 1 O atom 4 F atoms 0 LP-O 4 LP-F 4 O-F 4 F-F 1 LP-O 3 LP-F 3 O-F 5 F-F
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2 The electronic density is higher around Cl-O bond (it is a double bond) so the repulsion between the lone pair and O is higher than the repulsion between the lone pair and F even is O is less electronegative than F. Square Pyramidal c. XeO 2 F 2 FX e F O O S.N.=5 1 Lone Pair, 2 O atoms, 2 F atoms
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classes_Spring08_172ID39_test01_April09_solutions -...

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