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classes_Spring08_172ID39_ProblemSet1_solutions - Chemistry...

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1 Chemistry 172/273 Problem Set #1 (Due Friday, April 4, in class) Spring 2008 Note : Do not use a pencil. Use black ink only. Try to write as neatly as possible. If I don’t understand your handwriting, you will not get any points. 1. Predict and sketch the structure of the (as yet) hypothetical ion IF 3 2- . I F F F F F F FI F F 2- 2- 2- T-shaped molecule 2 . Sketch the most likely structure of PCl 3 Br 2 . Cl P Br P P P Distorted Trigonal Bipyramide S.N.=5 3 Cl atoms 2Br atoms 2 Cl-Cl interactions 4 Cl-Br interactions 2 Cl-Cl interactions 3 Cl-Br interactions 0 Cl-Cl interactions 6 Cl-Br interactions 3 . Give Lewis dot structures and sketch the shape of the following: a. SeCl 4 Se Se S.N=5 1 lone pair 3 LP-Cl 3Cl-Cl 2 LP-Cl 4Cl-Cl
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2 4 Cl atoms LP-Cl interactions being stronger than Cl-Cl interactions. Distorted Tetrahedral (or seesaw shape) b. I 3 - I I I I I I II I I I I S.N.=5 3 Lone pairs 2 I atoms 6 LP-I interactions 2 LP-LP 3 LP-I 1 I-I 2 LP-LP 4 LP-I Linear molecule c. PSCl 3 S P Cl S P S.N.=4 1 S atom 3 Cl atoms Distorted Tetrahedral d. IF 4 - FI F F F I F F F F I F F F F S.N.=6 2 Lone pairs 4 F atoms 0 LP-LP 8 LP-F 4 F-F 1 LP-LP 6 LP-F 5 F-F Square Planar geometry e. PH 2 -
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classes_Spring08_172ID39_ProblemSet1_solutions - Chemistry...

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