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Unformatted text preview: Kevin Buckley - 2007 1 ECE 8770 Topics in Digital Communications - Sp. 2007 Lecture 5 2 Symbol Detection and Sequence Estimation In Subsection 2.3 we introduced MLSE in general terms, and considered it as applied for memoryless (“noninteracting symbol ”) modulation schemes, DPSK, PRS and CPM. In Section 3 of the Course we will again consider MLSE for InterSymbol Interference (ISI) channels. Here we introduce the Viterbi algorithm as a computationally efficient approach to solving a certain class of ML and MAP sequence estimation problems. We first introduce it in general terms, and then apply it to DPSK, PRS and CPM examples. 2.4.1 Sequence Estimation for Hidden Markov Models (HMM’s) Markov Random Processes: Consider a continuous-time random process X (t). We know from an introductory discussion on random processes that the complete statistical characterization of X (t) – the set of all joint PDF’s of all possible combinations of samples all possible numbers of samples of X (t) – is in...
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