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Bis 104 Lecture 2

Bis 104 Lecture 2 - One globulin to multiple antigen to...

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104 Lecture 2 Electron microscopy - greater detail on surface (3D), alot greater than light microscopy unaided eye can see .2 mm SEM – see surface outside PEM – see structure inside, can be stained Detecting proteins i. A typical antibody molecule(immunoglobulin, lg Human have 40,000ish gene Why can mammal make billions of different antibodies. NOT taught in bis104 Raising antibodies: Immunized host animal with antigen. Multiple injection to get stronger response thus creating stronger antibodies.
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Unformatted text preview: One globulin to multiple antigen to form a huge aggregation. Separation proteins Fractionation of cell contents by differential centrifugation Proteins can be separate by charge size and affinity, can also use column chromatography Q: When yo9u use a gel filtration column to purify proteins according to their sizes, proteins to be eluted first are. Larger ones coming out of column first Protein can be separate via SDS polyAcrylamide-Gel Electrophoresis...
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