Bis_104_quiz_1_key_0 - requirement for an agent or event to cause something to occur c sufficiency This type of experiment uses a gain of function

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BIS 104-01 Name __________________________________________ Summer, 2007 (last) (first) QUIZ 1 1. Proof of a scientific hypothesis is convincing only if supported by a diverse series of experimental evidence. Your assigned reading, “Rules of Evidence I”, describes three types of evidence: Experiments that establish (a) plausibility, (b) necessity, or (c) sufficiency. Define each of these experimental criteria (one or two sentences for each should suffice). (6 pts) a. plausibility: This type of observation or experiment establishes a possible relationship between two events or agents. It establishes a correlation (but not proof) in space and/or time. b. necessity : This type of experiment, through loss of function (blocking, inhibiting, etc), establishes the
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Unformatted text preview: requirement for an agent or event to cause something to occur. c. sufficiency: This type of experiment uses a gain of function approach to show that a particular agent by itself is all that is required to cause an event. 2. Mukouyama and his colleagues formulated their hypothesis describing the possible role of peripheral nerves in determining the pattern of blood vessel patterning based on previous observations of blood vessel branching in the skin. What fundamental anatomical observations led them to this hypothesis? (2 pts) When peripheral nerves and blood vessels begin to develop in embryonic tissues, they appear in close alignment with each other; i.e., their branching patterns are superimposed....
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