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Trujillo, Micaela English 1 – Period 2 Mrs. Gropper February 25, 2008 Cigarette Bans: Do or Die Thesis: Although some people believe smoking has a calming, pleasurable effect, smoking should be banned because nicotine, a major component of cigarettes, causes people to become addicted to cigarettes; secondhand smoking is dangerous; and smoking causes ill health. I. Tobacco smoking has been known to have been a habit since the time of the Ancient Mayan and Aztec civilization. A. Mayans and Aztecs smoked the dried up leaves of tobacco plants. 1. Spanish explorers observed their use of the weed and shortly thereafter introduced it to Europe. a. Tobacco was cultivated in the North American colonies and brought to Europe. b. At first, tobacco was only for the wealthy nobles or royal families. 2. By the end of the 17 th century, tobacco smoking had spread through much of the world. B. King James I of England campaigned heavily against tobacco use. 1. James I gave heavy punishment to those caught smoking tobacco leaves. a. He also passed many laws prohibiting the use of tobacco. b. James I instigated a movement to make other countries stop the use of tobacco and pass tobacco-banning laws. C. Tobacco was first thought to cure diseases and relieve pain. 1. Tobacco was prescribed for labor pains, minor and intense coughs, rheumatism and/or headaches. a. Tobacco was also used to reduce throat hoarseness, inflammations in the nose or air passageways, stomach, breasts, or lung aches. b. Tobacco leaf smoking or chewing was used in the assistance to treatments in diseases such as cancer, plague, gonorrhea, and/or epilepsy. D. Cigarette Smoking began in Brazil and was first used in Latin America. 1
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Trujillo, Micaela English 1 – Period 2 Mrs. Gropper February 25, 2008 1. The automatic cigarette machine was invented in Brazil towards the end of the 19 th century. a. The cigarette became extremely popular. b. It also became available to the average person since it was now so grand in quantity that it no longer was a rare, exquisite object. c. Cigarettes were created in Cuba, London, US in 1853, 1856, and 1860. E. The United States has done extensive research on the tobacco industry. 1. Jan. 1964 – U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee report on smoking and health issued by Dr. Luther L. Terry landmark document. 2. January 1994 – (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency: secondhand smoking responsible for 3,000 deaths per year. 3. 1964 – Congress adopts federal cigarette labeling and advertising also asked for a yearly report on health consequences of smoking and implanted the all too familiar labels on cigarette packages. 4. March 30, 2003 – Bloomberg bans smoking in bars and public places. F.
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Research on cigaretteshj - Trujillo, Micaela English 1...

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