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1 ActiveTwo User Manual Version:3.1DRAFT Date: April 1, 2004+ BioSemi WG-Plein 129 1054SC Amsterdam Voice : +31 20 330 2957/2958 Fax : +31 20 330 2959 ABN-AMRO : KvK Amsterdam : 33.267.855 VAT number : NL.8079.41.116.B.01 Part 1: Hardware Index: 1. General 1.1 About this manual 1.2 Markings on components 1.3 Certification 1.4 Intended purpose 1.5 System layout 1.6 Safe use 1.7 Specifications 2. System components 2.1 Active Electrodes 2.2 AD-box 2.3 Battery-box 2.4 Charger 2.5 Receiver 3. Maintenance 3.1 General maintenance 3.2 Electrodes handling
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2 1.1 About this Manual This manual describes the use and maintenance of the BioSemi ActiveTwo biopotential measurement system. Read this manual completely before putting the system into service. The following icons are used in this manual: Safety warning Failure to follow these instructions may cause harm to subjects or operators. Important note Failure to follow these instructions may lead to unexpected operation or defects of the system. Background information This information does not immediately concern the basic use of the system, but is useful for understanding the designs philosophy and scientific opportunities offered by the system. Additional information is available on the BioSemi website at . In many places inside this manual, there are links to additional comments on our website. The extra comments on our website are regularly updated according to user feedback, and may therefore cover extra information and user suggestions not yet available at the time of creating this manual. For questions, please contact BioSemi at: Tel: +31 20 3302956 Fax: +31 20 3302959 Mobile: +31 650 626354 Email: 1.2 Markings on components The following icons are used on ActiveTwo components: Attention, consult accompanying documents (IEC 348) This manual and the relevant sections on the BioSemi Website (see references in this manual) should be read before operating components showing this icon. Type BF equipment (IEC 878-02-03) Components showing this icon, are equ ipped with a Body Floating (BF) type Appl ied Part as defined in international standard EN60601-1, clause 2.2.25. For more information, see section 1.5 of this manual. Conformité European This mark is a declaration by the manufacturer that the respective component complies with the relevant directives and standards as issued by the European Union. For more information, see section 1.3 of these manual. 1.3 Certification The ActiveTwo system bears the CE mark as a declaration of the manufacturer that the system meets the applicable standard for electromagnetic compatibility (EU directive 89/336/EEC) and electrical safety for the intended use as a biopotential measurement system in research applications. The following standards apply: EMC compatibility: EN61326 (1997) + A1 (1998) + A2 (2001) Electrical Safety:
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Active2 Manual - ActiveTwo User Manual Version:3.1DRAFT...

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