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Unformatted text preview: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOMEWORK Five --- Due Tuesday November 6, 2007, 3:15 p.m. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reading assignments: (1) Textbook: Chapter 8; (2) AISC 360-05 Specification Chapter E, and Part 4 in AISC Manual; and (3) Class Notes On columns. Use both LRFD and ASD in all problems. Problem 1: As shown in Figure 1, W 14 x 99, Fy = 36 ksi steel shape is used for column ABC. Service load P = 650 kips (80% from dead load and 20% form live load). Check if the column is adequate. If not, change the section within W14 group so that the column is able to carry the load. P Moment connection A 18 ft 40 ft 22 ft Lateral support at B) C Support condition at C is the same for both strong and weak axes. Support condition at A. 1 A 2 15' W21x50 W21x50 B 20' B 30' Pin connection C (a) Building plan 2 (b) Frame along Line A, B or C 1 P2 c 15' Figure 1. P1 b 20' a 30' A 30' C Figure 2 B (c) Frame along Line 1 or 2 Problem 2: As shown in Figure 2, a two-story industrial steel structure consists of braced frames along Lines 1 and 2, and moment frames along Lines A, B and C. The orientation of column (strong and weak axes) is shown in Figure 2. Fy = 36 ksi steel shape is used for all columns. All loads are due to dead (60%) and live loads (40%). A single size of W shape is used for the columns ab and bc on Lines C and 1, shown in Figure 2 (a) and (c). It has been estimated that the axial force from the second floor P2 = 400 kips, and from the first floor P1 = 460 kips, as shown in Figure 2 (c). Select the lightest W12 for the column. 1 ...
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