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Study material: Chalmers Johnson, Sorrows of Empire Ch9: “Whatever Happened to Globalization?” (p255-281) ***READ CAREFULLY Ch10: End of US Empire (p283-312) Week7 Lecture notes 1. ARGUMENT : US attempts to use and promote globalization as a means to practice economic imperialism. a. What is globalization? i. Definition (how is it different from globalism?) ii. What was the theory of globalization after Cold War? 1. "mutually beneficial trade" btwn developed/developing countries 2. P259 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) a. Purpose iii. How was this theory deceptive? (p260) b. How did the US plan to accomplish this? i. “Neoliberalism” values (definition) (bottom of p257, 259-260), its goals to “liberate” trade: 1. “rebirth of 19 th century capitalist fundamentalist theory” ***very conservative policy a. Withdrawing state as much as possible from participation of economy b. Opening domestic markets, at least in principle, to int’l trade and foreign investment
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globalization_outline - Globalization Outline Study...

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