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War Conspiracy Outline Study material: Peter Dale Scott, Drugs, Oil, and War Ch1-3 (p27-58) ***pay attention especially to Ch3: Origins of Drug Proxy Strategy: KMT, Burma, and US Organized Crime Ch9-10 (147-184) Laos (1959-1970), Cambodia and Oil, 1970 ***check out the Wikipedia links for historical background of these wars Recommended : Ch11 (p185-199) Opium, the China Lobby, and the CIA Week8 Lecture Notes 1. ARGUMENT : US foreign policy in Indochina Wars highly manipulated by war conspiracy. a. What is war conspiracy? i. P111 “The initial false picture is of a peace-loving America reluctantly drawn into Asia through a series of ‘responses’ to various acts of aggression by socialist countries…[are created by] the repeated uses of intelligence agencies and their allies to prepare the conditions for escalation. This covert preparation, through provocation, connivance, and deceit, is the process which I call the “war conspiracy.” ii. In fact, the government has often been actively involved (through the CIA) in the illegal drug trade for its own benefit. b.
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War_Conspiracy_Outline - War Conspiracy Outline Study...

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