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Section Week 1 - October 1 2009 PS 186 INTERNATIONAL...

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October 1, 2009 PS 186 INTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY MEREDITH HUBER PS 186 Section 1 International Economics from the perspective of International Politics The Pursuit of Power and the Pursuit of Wealth 1. ACTOR BEHAVIOR: a. States , international organizations, non-governmental organizations, transnational organizations b. What are we trying to understand about the actors: what causes them to act the way they do, how will they act in the future? To explain/predict future events c. Bi-lateral relations between nations: the position of one state and how it influences another Nuclear program in Iran - Short range missiles to Israel? - Oil? IPEC - Gasoline embargo on Iran?—they have oil but not many refineries - If Russian and China were on board to an embargo, it would be able to be enacted - International economics is joined with International politics - System governance: In the international political area Russia, China and Iran are states that are challenging the order of International political relations and International
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Section Week 1 - October 1 2009 PS 186 INTERNATIONAL...

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