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PS127 Lecture Notes: 3/12/2009 George HW Bush: Goals o Consolidate Reagan’s political and economic gains o Make the United States “a kinder and gentler nation.” o Take advantage of a “a moment rich with promise” to use American strength as “a force for good” o Build a “new world order”- Aggression would not stand, no longer be paralyzed by the Cold War. Perceptions: o He was perceived as a “wimp” (mannerisms, way he spoke )even though his experience with Chichi Jima and massive military experience Foreign Policy Timeline: o January 89: Takes office o December 90: Invades Panama- Drug war, instability, very quick war, unilateral, no UN o May-June 89: Tiananmen Square o November 90: Fall of Berlin Wall o January-Feb 91: Operation Desert Storm Uses of Forces o Panama o Operation Desert Storm Major Achievements o Liberation of Kuwait o Unification of Germany o Bush proposes NAFTA Failures
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o Did little to stop the fighting in Bosnia o Deployed troops to Somalia
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Lecture_Bush&Clinton - PS127 Lecture Notes:...

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