Lecture 14_PS 121

Lecture 14_PS 121 - eliminated o Genetic code is actually...

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PS 121 5/27/09 Social Psychology: Mercer (article) provides an alternative explanation of the origins of self-help o Mercer imports from social psychology and social identity theory Social Identity Theory (SIT) o Henry Tajfel and John Turner (formalized intuitions that had existed for sometime) o Explains intergroup discrimination—focused on my group is good and the other side is bad Our opponents domestically or internationally are BAD US is hyper fixated on race, we go to history to justify our prejudices o In-groups and out-groups: Human beings automatically divide themselves up into groups—Social Animals You then form an identity with your group and come to the conclusion that the opposite group is inferior Waltz’s two mechanisms Self Help: o Groups of people that were not smart enough to arm themselves were
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Unformatted text preview: eliminated o Genetic code is actually changed through behavior—pass on genes to next groups (does not make sense with DNA—makes sense socially) • Went: o Historical accidents around the treaty of Westphalia • Mercer o Explains why the system is self help: separate countries, cities etc…does not matter how they are separated—as soon as they are separated they take a dislike to each other • Group Think Bureaucratic Politics: • There is arguably a level missing between the 1 st and 2 nd images • Consider bureaucracies, networks or people etc, as important variables • Graham Allison: “Where you sit determines where you stand on issues” • People’s perceptions are shaped by the roles they have to play at work • About the structure of the group...
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Lecture 14_PS 121 - eliminated o Genetic code is actually...

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