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U C S B P r o f . R o b e r t R a u c h h a u s PS 121: INTERNATIONAL POLITICS Midterm Preparation Guide Instructions: Bring a large blue book and two black pens to the midterm. Do not write in or on your blue book. The instructor will randomly choose seven short answer questions. For each short answer, make sure to (1) define the concept, (2) state its significance, and (3) offer a critical appraisal (e.g. briefly discuss the concepts weaknesses or shortcomings). Cite relevant readings whenever possible. 1. What is theory? 2. How does one evaluate or “test” theory ? 3. Levels-of-Analysis 4. The Fungibility of Force 5. Hard Power 6. Soft power 7. Idealism
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Unformatted text preview: 8. 14 Points 9. The Great Illusion 10. Retreat from Doomsday 11. Human nature 12. Machiavelli Ch. 17 13. Federalist No. 6 14. The State of War 15. Realism (aka classical realism) 16. Neo-Realism 17. Anarchy / self-help system 18. The security dilemma 19. System Polarity 20. Balance of power theory 21. Democratic Peace Theory 22. Neo-Liberalism 23. Perpetual Peace 24. Kantian Tripod (standard neo-liberal definition of tripod) 25. Rise of the Trading State 26. Complex Interdependence 27. Collective Security 28. International Regimes 29. Neo-Liberal Institutionalism 30. The English School...
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