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PS 121 Reading Notes: IDEALISM: John Mueller, “Retreat from Doomsday, History’s Greatest Nonevent” The “Long Peace” ( John Lewis Gaddis) o Rising tension between the US and the Soviet Union—yet it has remained “peaceful” o 2 schools of thought: 1) We live perpetually on the brink—fragile balance 2) The existence of destructive weapons (nuclear) has worked— “sturdy child of nuclear terror”—Winston Churchill THESIS: The long peace with the Soviet Union since WWII is less a product of recent weaponry than the culmination of a substantial historical process—nuclear weapons have NOT HAD an important impact on the “long peace”—they have not deterred war but have influenced defense budgets and planning. WWII = the war to end wars o Japan- formerly aggressive major country seems now to have fully embraced PEACE o The holocaust destroyed any “romanticism” of war Soviet Union followed China (its ideological soul mate) and abandoned its quest for ideological expansion and quest for prosperity Have major wars become obsolete? Mueller believes yes—war would be costly, unwise futile and debasing—There will be an end to the arms race THE COSTS OF WAR! o Psychic: war is REPULSIVE, IMMORAL, UNCIVILIZED War is slowly ending because there is a greater appreciation and higher value of human life o Physical: war is BLOODY, DESTRUCTIVE, EXPENSIVE The physical causes are not a good reason for the stop of war—the belief that war has caused devastation has never led to its abandonment
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Mueller believes that war is going to dissolve and join the list of dissolved sins and vices
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Reading Notes_PS 121 - PS 121 Reading Notes IDEALISM John...

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