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Section Week 6_PS121

Section Week 6_PS121 - give and take—leads to path...

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PS121 Section 5/7/09 Constructivism: (Went Article) Takes a more sociological perspective. We can create institutions to have people live a certain way. Primarily an Ideological argument Anarchy does not only mean that we have to have a “self help” system—it is possible to have collective security. Self help does not come only from anarchy. Patterns of behavior—institutions Institutions are social constructs—(Waltz talks only of structure and defines that pattern of behavior of states in inter-state relations)—Went adds the idea of institutions which is interactions, education and learning o With institutions states become active—they are able to “push back” on the structure o Went disputes Waltz—he does not agree that self help follows anarchy Went adds a 4 th DEFINING FEATURE: o Identities and the Interests that coincide with Identities o An encounter (2 states meet for the first time)—action—interpretation—
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Unformatted text preview: give and take—leads to path dependency o What is at stake? Identities can broaden to become collective—self interest can result in a system that is cooperative. There is a transformation of the international system from the Waltz theory to a cooperative security initiative • An attempt to bridge the 2 nd and 3 rd levels—this is a response to the Waltzian framework (Went is mainly trying to address the structure) • Human Nature?—Went says that human nature is malleable—amorphous not given explicitly to good or evil (though he is not really explicit because he is concerned with structure) • Realism v. Liberalism—where does Went fit in?—the states that we have now have already been stabilized within a system so they are difficult to change....
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Section Week 6_PS121 - give and take—leads to path...

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