Lecture 1_RS116B

Lecture 1_RS116B - RS116B Lecture 1- 3/31/09 Professor...

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RS116B Lecture 1- 3/31/09 Professor Thomas HSSB Tower 3067 Thomas@religion.ucsb.edu Website: www.religion.ucsb.edu/faculty/thomas/classes/RS116B.html EReserves Password: Regard Midterm: May 7 th Final: Take home final, 50% of final grade (Due on June 10 th by 12pm to HSSB 3 rd Floor) (Turkey: Asia Minor, Anatolia) First Century: Christianity was a Jewish sectored movement- self identity who is the true Israelite? Second Century Christianity: A lot more information- much more literature then the 1 st Century, 2 nd C. Christians realize that they are different then other Jews because the rest of Judaism “moved on”- Rabbinic Judaism in 2 nd Century is similar to Modern- 2 nd century is the birth of modern Christianity and modern Judaism, “the parting of the ways” Issues: Self-Identity vs. Judaism o Judaism- the interpretation began with Rabbinic tradition o The Canon o The Mishnah (commentary on Jewish scriptures) began being written o Jewish Christianity became a heresy- you cannot follow the torah and be a Christian- in 1 st C. still could o John Chrysostom: “Golden Mouth” preached against Jewish Christianity- one cannot keep Jewish elements alive and be a Christian- Christianity is different than Judaism
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Lecture 1_RS116B - RS116B Lecture 1- 3/31/09 Professor...

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