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Lecture 2_RS116B - R S116B Lecture 2 4/2/09 w

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RS116B Lecture 2 4/2/09 www.religion.ucsb.edu--undergraduate program—course syllabi 2 Reasons of Importance: Centers of Christianity from the 2 nd c. onwards are the same as Jewish; the two religions grew up together. Alexandria, Rome, Jerusalem Diaspora shows an example of a group that was able to establish identity apart from geography o Peoples religion was determined by where they were born, but the Jews were able to establish an identity in different places o Ethnic Community- Jews had a distinct community joined by blood and relations Christians established a group and a nation that had no place on earth and no ethnic community o Christ-ianos : someone belonging to Christ, “ ianos ”—geographic/ethnic adjective ending o Religion based in practices, Religious Identity o The Christians are also viewed to be a political threat because they are identifying themselves as a citizen of Christ and not with the Roman empire o 19 th 20 th c: nation state based on geography and ethnicity—early Christians did not believe that you could have a Christian nation in a specific area Jewish History before 2 nd century- (check website for facts, dates and points) Judaism in antiquity is characterized by Diaspora (disparate, dispersal —“scattering” of the Jewish people
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Lecture 2_RS116B - R S116B Lecture 2 4/2/09 w

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