Lecture 6_RS 166B

Lecture 6_RS 166B - RS 166B Lecture 6_ 4/16/09 Roman...

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RS 166B Lecture 6_ 4/16/09 Roman Religion and Persecution of Christians Romans did not only persecute Jews—“Enemies of the Roman Order”—also persecuted Philosophers. The Ancient Greek and Roman religions died in the 6 th century—the people were devout and really cared about their gods…there are prejudices today against the Roman and Greek religions. Christian empire did not outlaw private worship—but public. o 1600 всє —first time Greek gods and goddess are mentioned (Linear в = Greek texts from the Bronze Age) Homer wrote about these Greeks o Diognetus and Justin Martyr both talk about Greek Religion 1 st prejudice: We must work against the prejudice that Greek Religion was dying—it was only stopped out with much violence in many centuries 2 nd prejudice: Romans “rounded up Christians” and made the worship the Gov. as a man as a ruler of Rome o The Romans in fact did not do this—they normally would not interfere unless there was a huge public outcry o Paul makes people upset—Gov actually does not put him to death o Romans wanted them to follow and respect the “honor of the gods” that the Romans believed ruled over the empire—not participating was “anti social” Pliny: Talks about the “meetings of the Christians”—he makes a ruling against meetings of all sorts. What are the Christians doing at their meetings? o
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Lecture 6_RS 166B - RS 166B Lecture 6_ 4/16/09 Roman...

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