Lecture 7_RS116B

Lecture 7_RS116B - RS116B Lecture 7_4/21/09 Justin He was...

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RS116B Lecture 7_4/21/09 Justin He was martyred in 165—In Rome (he is brought before the prefectus urbi the governor o A rival philosophical teacher turns him in Born in Samaria (right in the middle of Israel—Jews that believed in only the 5 books of Moses, Mt. Heurism is where they offered sacrifices ) Greek parents He starts the trend that Christianity being viewed as some kind of philosophy Ephesos —beach where he meets Christian man who is a former Platonist (our reading—Celsus 180.) o Justin stops going through Pagan philosophy—He converts when he goes to Rome and sees Christian martyrs going off to death—they are rid of their fear of death and this leads him to Christianity He is a pivotal figure o 1) Brings Christianity into Greek philosophy o 2) Combines anti-Jewish and anti-Greek rhetoric o 3) Last Apologist that deals with Jewish tradition—Justin has a lot of knowledge of Judaism Dialogue with Trypho Justin is writing Trypho’s words—so how genuine is his part? This is explicitly philosophical—philosophy is not interested in the subject of the gods but instead how to achieve happiness First part of the dialogue is mostly Christian philosophy
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The Hebrew Bible is older than Plato—therefore Plato got his philosophies from it Prophesies all come true—therefore they should be merited Compare with Barnibus= Barnibus is much angrier, Justin establishes the Christianity has separated itself from Judaism
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Lecture 7_RS116B - RS116B Lecture 7_4/21/09 Justin He was...

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