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Lecture 10_RS116B - RS 116B Lecture 10 Canon Marcion...

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Lecture 10__4/30/09 Canon Marcion 140 (solution for Christian text)—He created the first Christian cannon (Luke and Paul’s letters—no Hebrew Bible)—He posed the question, and everyone had to solve it: Christians could not continue just using the Hebrew Bible, they had to present their own understandings of Jesus’ teachings 2 nd Century—by the end there are the CORE works on which everyone agrees: o 4 Gospels in the CANON (they measured true or false teachings against these gospels) o Paul’s letters without the Pastorals (1 st /2 nd Timothy, Titus) o Septuagint—Greek Old Test: Allegory o No boundaries to the canon 4 th Century: Canon with boundaries o Eusebius—decided what was in or out of the canon 3 Categories of works: Accepted (Matthew, Luke), Disputed (Revelation), Rejected (Works read only by the Gnostics) Criteria that he uses: 1) Age—how long has the work been around? Were they quoted by early church fathers? 2) Witness—was the writer a witness or a disciple? 3) Use—which gospels were read for the teaching in the church o Gospel of Peter (180): example of worship service Apocrypha Agrapha “unwritten”—sayings and words of Jesus that were not written but are quoted by church fathers o Paul’s letters o Clemet
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Lecture 10_RS116B - RS 116B Lecture 10 Canon Marcion...

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