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Lecure 5.26_RS 116B

Lecure 5.26_RS 116B - RS 116B Lecture OFFICE HRS Wed 1-3...

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RS 116B Lecture 5/36/09 OFFICE HRS: Wed 1-3 Thomas Christianity: Not directly related to Gnosticism—a “sibling of Gnostics” both have an origin in the Myth of Divine Origins - Located in EDESSA (Urfa-Syria)—claimed to have the bones of St. Thomas in their churches, Thomas Christianity was the normal Christianity in this area. - Syriac Christianity had a separate development from the rest of Christianity - Gnosticism and Thomas Christianity both represent the way Christianity was appropriated to Greek Philosophy TEXTS: o Thomas the Contender- Obscure sayings, Matheus is the scribe, like the Gospel of Thomas it is the “secret words”—related to Thomas Christianity Twinship motif clearly worked out Describes Ethics of the group: Human body viewed as the “beast”—low view of human body. Eating meat makes people “lustful” “irrational” Lust, procreation—the best thing is to get away from this “put out the fire”— the baptismal waters do this 5 THINGS JESUS SAYS TO DO: 1) perform deeds of truth and self knowledge 2) Flee desire and head towards the light 3) Be wise—have to be energized by the revelation of Jesus 4) Desire creates bondage to the world, be free of it 5) Watch and pray—Jesus is coming o People will ridicule you and you can expect persecution Aesthetic attitude towards the world
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Everyone has a relationship with JUDE —he is the human counterpart that we all want to be—need Jesus’ revelation to know self (relates them more to Christianity) Similarities with Buddhism: In the east—influenced by ideas of suffering and attachment Platonism: o Tied to Buddhism—dialogue between the west and the east o Platonists viewed the Gnostics as heretical Platonists o Platonists believe in reincarnation by your attitude and mind (Myth of Ur) o Gospel of Thomas —Primary gospel 114 sayings (76 have parallels to Mathew, Mark and Luke)—order is different,
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Lecure 5.26_RS 116B - RS 116B Lecture OFFICE HRS Wed 1-3...

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