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Midterm Review - Essay Questions 1 Separation of Chr...

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Essay Questions: 1) Separation of Christianity from Judaism (historical and ideological)—sources, dates—examples from texts read—relationships to Judaism in early Christianity. The separation of Christianity from traditional Judaism came in the 2 nd c.—in the first century one could still follow the Torah and be considered a Christian but in the 2 nd c. Jewish Christianity became a heresy—Christian philosophy had changes as they believed that God was going to “intervene in history” and that Jesus was going to return and fulfill the prophesies of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)—By the 2 nd c. teachings began to be written down The belief held was that one could not keep the Jewish elements alive and still call themselves a Christian, because Christianity needed to establish itself as different from Judaism. (note: the Jews did not want the Christians to leave the synagogue and viewed them as “strayed lost sheep” The last Jewish temple was destroyed in 70 CE and the Christian followers believed that the temple was “impure” and they were not invested in the traditions and the laws as the Jews were. Before the temple was destroyed there were two different groups formed (The Jerusalem Community—Peter— that followed the Torah and was circumcised and the Gentile Community— Paul—that was made up of early Christian followers who were Non-Jews and uncircumcised)—eventually the Gentile Community won—The Epistle of Barnabas mentiones this The Bar Kochba Revolt (132 CE) (The 2 nd Jewish Revolt) marks a point in history where Jews and Christians become separate issues in Rome—the Christians did not want to inherit the problems of the Jews. Christians began to be established as a nation without a specific place on earth or ethnic community (DISPORIA)— their religion was based in practices—different from Judaism which was an ethnic community rooted in blood/relations and tradition. The Christians had a need to FORM THEIR OWN IDENTITY.
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IDEOLOGICALLY DIFFERENT: The Christians rejected the “purity” system of the Jews i.e.—the sacrificing of animals, claiming that JESUS is the sacrifice and the body is the temple—THE TRUE JERUSELEM was above Anti-Jewish Rhetoric in many early writings JUSTIN —establishes that Christianity has separated itself from Judaism. The Torah (Moses’ Law) has become old and has been replaced by the
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Midterm Review - Essay Questions 1 Separation of Chr...

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