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Text Review - Justin: Brought up in Palestine so conscious...

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Justin: - Brought up in Palestine so conscious of the Jewish background—this is reflected in the old Testament discussions that take up the First Apology and the Dialogue with Trypho - Writes from a pastoral, biblical and traditionalist perspective - The mentioning of “demons”—gods of other religions can only be fallen angels (reaction to Paganism) - First Apology: o Talks about an episode at Alexandrian under Felix (155) addressed to Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus o In defense of Christianity—Old Testament foreshadows Jesus as the Son of God - Dialogue with Trypho: o Jewish War in 132-135 o Detailed exposition of the Old testament texts—Christians are the true heirs of the promises made to Israel EPISTLE OF BARNABAS: - Very Anti-Jewish! - Talking to Christians that they may know the “true perfect knowledge” - Against Jewish practices of :sacrifice, dietary regulations, circumcision - Jews lost their covenant by making Idols—they do not truly understand the Hebrew Bible - Moses’ Law has been superseded—The Jews are wicked - There is the Way of Light and the Way of Darkness The Infancy Gospel of Thomas:
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- Stories about young Jesus - Jesus as a “child of the gods” - Clay molded into birds on the Sabbath, causes a boy to wither, Jesus was killing kids who angered him - Every word he spoke came true—townsfolk feared him - Teachers tried to teach him but they ended up looking like fools - He began saving people, raising them from the dead, curing them - Ends with Jesus teaching in the temple as in Luke
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Text Review - Justin: Brought up in Palestine so conscious...

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