Lecture 5_RS 145

Lecture 5_RS 145 - RS 145 Lecture 5 Ferdinand Segovia(4...

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RS 145 Lecture 5_ 4/14/09 Ferdinand Segovia (4 models of biblical criticism) Holdridge builds on his- progressive process of liberation and de-colonization of Religious Studies. Liberation from: Non-scriptural approaches o Relation approaches liberate biblical studies from non scriptural approaches and restores the bible to its status as scripture in relationship to religious studies o Existing parodimes are NON scriptural because they treat the biblical texts as historical documents, literary, social cultural and ideological—most of these biblical studies look at it in either pre-scriptural phase or post-scriptural phase. Historical Critical approach: process of textual formation that gives rise to the text (pre-scriptural) Literary approach : studies the bible as literature, not think about what they mean to the religious community-not looking at them as a canonical text. Analyzing it on their own terms (Post-Scriptural) Ideological approach : The people interpreting the text (i.e. ..Colored people, feminists—live readers) In their interpretations most exponents of ideological
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Lecture 5_RS 145 - RS 145 Lecture 5 Ferdinand Segovia(4...

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