Lecture 13_RS 145

Lecture 13_RS 145 - of creation • 1 Torah as word of...

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RS 145 MYSTICISM in TORAH Veda as a multileveled cosmic reality—paralleled to creation Torah as corresponding to different levels of creation Veda as the essence of Brahman—Veda as SabdaBrahman—Veda embodied as word Torah—the totality of the divine, the total manifestation of God’s essence Examples will be from the classical rabbinic tradition and the kabalistic (mystical) tradition Torah as revealed at Mt. Sinai (the 10 commandments) when Moses ascended and God revealed to him the detailed teachings of the Torah Revelation of the Torah—Marriage Symbolism ( 2 different versions of Torah) o 1) The wedding was between God (the bridegroom) people of Israel (bride) so the Torah is the marriage contract o 2) The Torah is portrayed as the bride herself who is wed to the people of Israel who assume the role of the bridegroom; God is the father of the bride. –more than words inscribed in parchment, it is the living word of God. Trans-historical aspect of Torah—Torah existed with God in heaven before the existence
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Unformatted text preview: of creation. • 1) Torah as word of god (Drabar) Or name of God (Sem) Rabbinic: “The word of God” is often read as a reference to Torah (same with the name of God) • Preexistence of Torah and its role in creation ( PS 105.8, PS 33.6) • Counting of generations (26)—text says word was commanded 1000 generations, argument that torah remained hidden for 974 generations—proof of the preexistence of Torah Kabbalistic: 2) Torah as Wisdom (Hokmah)-architect Rabbinic: Proverbs 8.22-31—wisdom is personified as a woman who speaks Text has authority because it is considered to be a transcended knowledge and wisdom Rabbi’s do not talk about the levels of manifestation, they just intervene the aspects Kabbalistic: 3) Torah as Divine Language (Blueprint)— the fundamental language Rabbinic: Kabbalistic: 4) Torah as concrete text Rabbinic: Kabbalistic:...
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Lecture 13_RS 145 - of creation • 1 Torah as word of...

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