3-04-08 Business, Industry and Finance

3-04-08 Business, Industry and Finance - BUSINESS INDUSTRY...

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BUSINESS, INDUSTRY, AND FINANCE - Romans were primarily city dwellers and looked down upon those who lived in the countryside. - Society was to be found in the city. - The tablinium was the home office of the Roman patrician. - Each morning, as a patron, he received his various clients here. - Clients could number from just a few to a hundred. - Clients lined up at the patrons door each morning. - Patronage and clientage were openly declared as a source of pride and alliance. - The patron-client relationship formalized a system of connections based on favors, gratitude, and potential mutual indebtedness. - Ingratitude was a source of shame. - Clients were received in order of importance - It was customary to give each client a small gift or sum of money. - While often poorer than their patron, clients could be as wealthy or wealthier than patrons, depending on the connections needed. - Freedmen were automatic clients of their former master or patrons. - Gratitude for manumission was expected. - Landownership was supplemental by business. - Roman businesses were run by wealthy, powerful individuals to increase the family patrimony. - Wealthy Romans were often silent partners in business. - Such covert attitudes toward business permitted business practices to be ruthless or underhanded. -
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3-04-08 Business, Industry and Finance - BUSINESS INDUSTRY...

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