Lecture 16_RS 145

Lecture 16_RS 145 - RS 145 May 28, 2009 TORAH IN PRACTICE:...

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Unformatted text preview: RS 145 May 28, 2009 TORAH IN PRACTICE: CHAPTER 6 Representations of Torah in Creation and Revelation are demonstrated in practice: SEFER TORAH (Sacred Torah--Pentateuch) 1) Written Transmission of Torah Scribal arts--studies and interpretation Focus on unfolding the meanings of the Torah RABBINIC: Cognition--time of the revelation on Mt. Sinai--represented as the time when the primordial Torah descended to earth and became embodied in a concrete text. Moses is the great "seer" of this tradition (Risi) Moses is the scribe--God dictated to him verbatim every word of the Hebrew Bible-- wrote it down on a scroll--Arc of the Covenant--1st temple (Solomon)--Arc was in the holy of hollies--claim is that that Torah scroll in the holy of hollies was the original scroll [SCRIBAL TRADITION] o o o Scribal tradition like the Veda (Brahmanical--Brahman recites the exact text) Scribes have sacred status Talmud--regulations about how the Torah scrolls should be prepared and the qualifications of the scribe, method of writing the letters: Insuring the accuracy--if they don't follow the Talmud they cannot be considered fit to be used in the synagogue Entire Torah contains the names of God--if you left out a leter you would be harming the whole body of God o KABBALISTIC: Nabmanides Ezra, Solomon, Axriel of Gerona Sefer ha-Yihud o If the scrolls have something wrong with them they are dishonoring God o When one generates a Torah scroll they are participating in the making of God himself Joseph Hamadam: Means that the Torah scroll is itself the localized body of God--one is actually seeing the form of God--the supernal form of God--the image of the Seferot 2) Interpretation of Torah RABBINIC: KABBALSITIC: 3) Appropriation of Torah RABBINIC: KABBALISTIC: ...
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Lecture 16_RS 145 - RS 145 May 28, 2009 TORAH IN PRACTICE:...

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