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Final Essay Notes - the lower intellect people in order to...

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Final Essay Notes John’s Suggested format: lay out Mill’s entire essay (about 1-2 pages) then lay out the Socratic critique on these opinions (1-2 pages). Then, give a short rebuttal from Mill (a few paragraphs) THEN give your opinion on all of this, which you agree with and why, and if you want give supplemental reasons in addition to the ones that Mill gives for his opinion (1-2 pages) Mill believes that in order to be happy, one needs to have freedom/liberty of speech and action and thought etc. In response to this, Socrates may argue that the vast majority of people are not capable of discerning what is good and just and bad and so are unable to live a good, happy life; this would explain why he believes that only the philosophers are able to decide what is good and bad and therefore why they should be able to rule because they need to help govern
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Unformatted text preview: the lower intellect people in order to help them live a good life. Mill focuses a lot on individuality and spontaneity, whereas Socrates is more about order and role and class and staying within that- leaves less room for individuality. Mill says that the point is not simply to do the right thing, but to do it for oneself (p 66) plato might disagree with this; he may say too many people would be ruled by their desires if given complete freedom and so they would be unable to do the right thing. Plato says that freedom may lead to tyranny. Freedom is simply following desires and a man can’t prioritize and this discern between good and bad desires. Mill believes humans should be free to express their opinions and that this expression is crucial for development but plato believes there should be structure rather than complete freedom, as in democracy....
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