PS 1 Notes - PS 1 Mill FINAL Essay on Socrates and Mill...

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3/11/2009 PS 1- Mill FINAL: Essay on Socrates and Mill - Both have strong individuality and emphasis upon Liberty (mill) and Virtue (Socrates)- human beings who are progressive vs. human beings who can be perfected as they are - Mill is very focused on the development of Individuality - Why is Socrates view or Mills view superior to another - Freedom? What is the importance of it? Individuality-Difference- We live in a society today that represents individuality as Mill represents it but is also very different then Socrates view - Why do I take the stand I take? Why would someone disagree with me? Defend. Mill-Proportionate or Personal representation: Mill thinks that we should be able to vote for people that have our views-no matter where they are in the political entity (example- whatever representative you want within the state of California)- When we are voting to fill an office, one can vote for any of the candidates running throughout the polity (308) There may not be enough people who share my view therefore it will not be represented in Parliament, but if there are 5% of the population that hold that view- Then someone should hold their view in Parliament. Real Question: How many citizens share that view overall? Voting Paper: containing other names that aren’t his first choice- if then his first choice does not have enough votes, he gets to then pick a second name- The vote gets to assist someone getting elected (309, 322)
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PS 1 Notes - PS 1 Mill FINAL Essay on Socrates and Mill...

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