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Lecture 7-Week 2

Lecture 7-Week 2 - Conflict—OVER LAND • 1622 Pawhattan...

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October 9, 2009 AMERICAN HISTORY MEREDITH HUBER HISTORY 17ALECTURE 8 Midterm Nov 2 nd Why Slavery? When Slavery? Chesapeake—Frontier of Inclusion 1622 Powhatan Rebellion 1607 Jamestown—Joint Sock Corporate Colony 1624 Virginia 1632 Maryland 17 th century labor systems Africans (1619) or indentured servants? Racial difference NOT racism How did racial exclusion emerge? o Boca’s Rebellion 1676 o 1705 Virginia Slave codes Went from a “society with slaves” to a “society of slaves” New World Labor: Indenture or Slavery? Ethnocentricism does not explain slavery that developed Chattel slaves in the New World were a permanent under class and could not get free Development of a “boom” Economy in Virginia Tobacco = constant expansion o Exhaustive to the soil Constant Expansion: o Increases the tension with the Indians, they cannot use the Indian population as their source of labor o Use of indentured servants as Indians move west or die of disease
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Unformatted text preview: Conflict—OVER LAND!! • 1622: Pawhattan Rebellion October 9, 2009 AMERICAN HISTORY o Led by Opechancanough—coordinated Indian attack on outlying areas o Ends the Virginia Company (corporate colony) Scandals in treasury Investors loose all 1624 company is dissolved by the crown and then run by the company directly • Proprietary Colony (Maryland 1632) o Eastern side of the Chesapeake Bay o Cecelius Calvert (son of George Calvert) o Became a refuge for Catholics o Was the 2 nd colony of the Chesapeake Bay region o Religions tolerance—they absorb a lot of the surplus population coming over from Europe • English colonies = A Frontier of EXCLUSION: not absorbing the Native American population/culture/ideas • 1619—First Africans arrive off Dutch ship o “20 and odd Negars” o Brought from the Caribbean o What status?...
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Lecture 7-Week 2 - Conflict—OVER LAND • 1622 Pawhattan...

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